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Something has corrupted the world and infested it with monsters! It’s up to you, the herbologist, to find what is harming the world and to stop it! Find the remaining living herbs and use their power to make potions. Many will try to stop you, but you must fight to restore peace to the land!

Potion Panic is an action-adventure game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 52, it takes you through three infinite procedurally generated worlds, to defeat the main boss, the Corrupted Ent! You must collect enough ingredients to craft powerful potions to defend yourself!

World generation made using InteliMap Pro: https://u3d.as/2WCv


Mouse + Keyboard:
WASD - Movement
Mouse - Throw Potion
1/2/3/4/5 - Select Potions

Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Aim
LB/RB - Select Potions
RT - Throw Potion


Potion Panic (windows).zip 39 MB
Potion Panic (linux).zip 39 MB
Potion Panic (macOS).zip 48 MB

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